Our New Website

Welcome to the all-new Balloon Retirement Home website. With a fresh new design and a wealth of behind the scenes improvements.

  • Improved design and layout: Makes it easier to see the Balloons that we look after and their information.
  • Shop (coming soon) where you will be able to buy anything from pin badges to branded clothing with proceeds going towards the up keep of the balloons

So, take a look around and enjoy the new website!

Thanks to CK Enterprises UK for making this fabulous website as part of their voluntary organisation website scheme.

CK Enterprises UK provides Digital Marketing Services across the UK, Founded by Charles Kemp in 2017, He noticed how a lot of people tend to have complications while they start a website.

Some people aren’t happy with the design, some didn’t know how to develop it using the code, or some just didn’t know how to begin with building a website in the first place.
To acquire professional help, you need to pay a hefty fee for designers and developers. Charles simply wanted to change this dynamic, offer a simpler cheaper service to all his customers.

For more information see

Charlie Kemp
My names Charlie, I'm a PUT currently building up my training hours, so hopefully I can qualify for my Pilots Licence. Other than that my main role in Balloon Retirement Home is the "IT guy", I'm basically the one they come to when they forget their password. Happy Ballooning!

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